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Accounting is a techniques and concepts used to measure financial information in form of economics unit. The concept of accounting summarizes by the statement that what accountants do? Accountant captures information of transaction and events and summarizes the report. It is not an easy task. To be success in business the knowledge of accounting is essential and once you conquer accounting basics, it is very interesting subject.

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Accounting Basics Assignment Help

1. Accounting Definitions
2. Basics of Financial Accounting
3. Basics of Managerial Accounting
4. QIS – Quality Information System
5. Inherent Limitation

6. Accounting Equation Fundamentals Assignment Help
a. Assets
b. Liabilities
c. Balance Sheet
d. Owner’s Equity

7. The core of financial statements Assignment Help
a. Financial Statements
b. Income Statements
c. Retained Earnings Statements
d. Balance Sheet
e. Cash Flows

Information Processing Assignment Help

8. Fundamental of Debits & Credits
a. Accounts, Debits & Credits
b. +/- Nomenclature
c. Rules of Debits/Credits
d. Assets/Dividends/Expenses
e. Liabilities/Revenues/Equity
f. Transactions & Events Analysis
g. Calculation of Account’s Balance

9. Accounting Journal Assignment Help
a. Determining of Accounting Journal
b. Special Journals
c. Page Numbering

10. General Ledger Assignment Help
a. Posting
b. To Review

11. The Trial Balance Assignment Help
a. Trial Balance Financial Statements
b. Debit equals Credits

12. Computerized Processing System Assignment Help
13. T-Accounts, Charts of Accounts, Control & Subsidiary of Accounts

Income Measurement Assignment Help

14. Income Terminology, Accounting Income
15. Revenue Recognition Basic Elements
16. Revenue Recognition Basic Elements
17. Accrual v/s Cash Basis Accounting

Reporting Cycle Assignment Help

18. Preparing Financial Statements
19. Accounting Cycle & Process of Closing
20. Reversing Entries
21. Balance Sheet Classification

22. Business Liquidity & Operating Cycle Assignment Help
a. Working Capital
b. Quick Ratio
c. Current Ratio

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