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Economics is an important and useful branch of knowledge. Knowledge of economics is being used for initiating and accelerating growth in the economies of the world and thus for eradicating want, poverty and unemployment from the human race, it will be desirable to explain to students what economies is about or what we study in economics or in other words, what is the subject matter of economics.

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Economics Case Study

1. Introduction to economics and changing perspectives
2. Nature and scope of economics
3. Product possibility curve, opportunity cost and choice
4. Microeconomics
5. Macroeconomics
6. Business Economics
7. Economics methodology
8. Economics statics and dynamics
9. Central problems of economics and its solutions
10. Capital problems of economics
11. Market economy and price mechanism role
12. Theory of demand
13. Production and cost theory
14. Theory of firm and pricing in various market
15. Theory of distribution


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