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The study of data structure is an essential part of virtually every unde-graduate and graduate program in computer science. Algorithms are the basic structure of program which is only the logic and it is the part of data structure where your program pattern shows the complexity and time of execution. So data may be organized in many different ways, the logical and mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called data structure. On the other hand, the structure should be simple enough that one can effectively process the data when necessary.

The study of data structure includes the following three steps:

1. Logical or mathematical description of the structure.
2. Implementation of the structure on a computer.
3. Quantitative analysis of the structure which includes determining the amount of memory needed to store the structure and time required to process the structure.

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Main topics in data structure

1. Data Structure Fundamentals and Overview
2. Mathematical Notation, Function
3. Algorithms
4. Complexity of Algorithms
5. Time Space Tradeoff
6. Control Structures
7. Variables & Data Type
8. Arrays, Records, Pointers
9. Linked List
10. Stacks, Queues
11. Recursion
12. Trees
13. Graphs & Graphs Implementation
14. Warshell’s Algorithms
15. Traversing a Graph
16. Sorting & Searching
17. Hashing
18. Advance Topics in Data Structure

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