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Control Engineering is a part of mechanical engineering used to design engineering products & systems where there is some restriction about the controlling quantity, like controlling the temperature of the room, controlling speed & position of electric motor etc. To controlling quantity there is need to know value of quantity to be controlled. By open loop manner quantity is controlled as what input will be produced required output.

The control engineering concerns with theoretical methods for control system designs so called as continuous linear feedback control system design based on single input & single output system. Such system has linear differential equation mathematical models and an approximation of real device & system. MatLab programs are modern computation tool and used to solve the problems. It is based on linear system theory.

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Control Engineering/Matlab topics (Homework Help, Assignment Help)

1. Introduction to Control Engineering

2. Linear Dynamic System and Its Mathematical Model Representation
 a. Laplace Transform & Transform Function
 b. Representation of State Space
 c. MATLAB- Mathematical Models
 d. MATLB –Interconnecting Models

3. Transfer Function
 a. Introduction of Transfer Function
 b. Steps Responses of Transfer Function
 c. Sinusoid Response

4. Frequency Responses & Plotting
 a. Bode Diagram Representation
 b. Nyquist & Nichols Plotting

5. Basic Feedback Loop
 a. Closed Loop
 b. Specifications of a System
 c. Stability

6. Closed Loop System Analysis
 a. Time Delay
 b. Root Locus
 c. M & N Circles
 d. Relative Stability

7. Classical Controller Design
 a. Phase Lead Design
 b. Phase Lag Design
 c. PID Control

8. Fixed Controller Parameter Optimization
 a. Introduction of Fixed Controller
 b. Standard Forms
 c. Unstable Plant & Control of Unstable Plant

9. Further Controller Design Considerations
 a. Speed Control
 b. Position Control
 c. Lag Lead Compensation
 d. Complex Poles Transfer Function
 e. Parameter Variations Effect

10. State Space Methods
 a. State Equation & Solution
 b. State Transformation
 c. Transfer Function’s State Representation
 d. State Transformations Between Different forms
 e. State Transition Matrix
 f. Controllability
 g. Observability
 h. Cascade Connections

11. Methods of Some State Space Design
 a. State Variable Feedback
 b. Linear quadratic Regulator Problem
 c. State Variable Feedback & Standard Forms
 d. Transfer Function with Complex Poles

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