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In Macroeconomics study we concentrate on how prices change on average. The price level is defined as weighted average of different prices. For example if p1 price of gasoline and p2 is the price of oil then price level will be defines as 10p1+p2. The percentage changes in price level between two points at particular time, study of price index, CPI are studied under microeconomics part.

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Macroeconomics Essential Topics (Homework Help, Assignment Help)
1. Prices & Inflation:
Price Level, Time, Price Index, Consumer Price Index-CPI, Inflation definition

2. Exchange Rate:
Definition and System, Changes in Exchange Rate, Effective Exchange Rate

3. Gross Domestic Product:
Definition, Real GPD, Growth, Purchasing Power

4. GDP Component:
Circular Flow-simple and detailed version, Modeling a firm, Circular flow, Circulation of Good & Money, Circular Flow in Private Sector, GDP Component, Four Measures of GDP, Capital, Investment, GDP Components in number 200x

5. Market of Labor
Introduction, Classification of Unemployment, Full Employment, Wages & Income, Nominal Wages, Real Wages,

6. Money & Bank
Money: Definition, Types, Money-Wealth-Income,
Central Banks & Commercial Banks

7. Interest Rate
Define Interest Rate, Market Interest Rate, Interest Rate & Bound Price Relationship, Interest Rate Calculation yearly, Yield Curve, Other Interest Rate, and Monetary Policy, Real Interest Rate

8. Models of Macroeconomics:
Introduction, Common Assumption, Macroeconomics Variables, Supply and Demand, Various Models

9. Growth Theory
Introduction, Aggregate Production Function, Growth theories, Separation of Growth and Fluctuation
10. Keynesian Cross Model:
11. Classical Model
12. As-AD Model
13. IS-LM Model
14. NEO-Classical Synthesis
15. Mundell Fleming Model
16. Exchange Rate Determination

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