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Economics is well defined as study of managing scarce resources by society in a manner to achieve highest possible utility of resources by individuals. The term resources include labor, raw material and capital (i.e. machine). Resources are scarce means that not enough resources to produce everything

Microeconomics study is primarily with individual firms, agents and individual human beings. Microeconomics study is based on models. The study of microeconomics models describe or highlight the central features of phenomenon. Tutorsbiz makes easy to learn microeconomics for you. Our microeconomics tutors are highly qualified and experienced. They can help you in microeconomics homework, microeconomics assignment, microeconomics problem solution and instant tutoring from high school level to college level.

We cover all topics in microeconomics in homework, assignment help, few of them are listed below: 

Part A:  Microeconomics Systems

1. Economy and its Central Problems
2. Production Possibility Curve (PPC)
3. Comparative Economic Systems
4. National Income
5. Occupational Structure

Part B:  Microeconomics Theory

1. Concept of Demand and Supply
1.1 Demand
1.2 Supply

2. Law of Demand & Supply

3.Elasticity of Demand
4.1 Methods for calculating Elasticity of Demand

4. Elasticity of Supply
5.1 Methods for calculating Elasticity of Supply

5. Utility Analysis
6.1 Total Utility
6.2 Marginal Utility
6.3 The Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

6. Indifference Curve
7.1 Marginal Rate of Substitution
7.2 Consumer’s Equilibrium

7. Consumer’s Surplus

8. Cost Analysis
8.1 Total Cost Curve in Short run
8.1.1 Total Fixed cost
8.1.2 Total Variable cost
8.1.3 Total cost

8.2Unit Cost curves in short run
8.2.1 Average Fixed cost
8.2.2 Average Variable cost
8.2.3 Average Total cost
8.2.4 Marginal cost

8.3Long run Average cost curve

9. Revenue Analysis
9.1 Total Revenue
9.2 Marginal Revenue
9.3 Average Revenue

10. Break Even Point: Equilibrium of the Firm

11. Production Function
11.1 Law of Variable Proportion
11.2 Returns to Scale
11.3 Economies and Diseconomies of Scale

12. Concept of Market

Brif Topics in Microeconomics

1. Introduction to Plan

2. Concept of Supply and Demand
 a. Demand
 b. Supply

3. Equilibrium
 a. Find Equilibrium Point Mathematically
 b. Price & Quantity Regulations, Minimum & Maximum Price
 c. Quantity Regulations

4. Consumer Theory
 a. Baskets of Goods & Budget Line
 b. Indifferences Curves & Maps
 c. Marginal Rate of Substitution
 d. Maximum Utility

5. Demand
 a. Demand Curve
 b. Market Demand
 c. Elasticity

6. Income & Substitution Effects
 a. Normal & Interior Goods

7. Choice under Uncertainty
 a. Expected Value & Utility
 b. Risk Preference
 c. Risk Reduction
 d. Certainty Equivalence & Risk Premium

8. Production
 a. Profit Function & Production Function
 b. Average & Marginal Product
 c. Production in Short Run
 d. Production in Long Run

9. Costs
 a. Production Costs
 b. Long Run Production Costs
 c. Short Run Production Costs
 d. Short & Long Run Average Costs Relation

10. Perfect Competition
 a. Conditions in perfect competition
 b. Profit Maximization

11. Market Intervention & Welfare Effect
 a. Analysis of Welfare

12. Monopoly
13. Price Discrimination
14. Game Theory
15. Oligopoly
16. Monopolistic Competition
17. Labor
18. Capital 
 a. Bonds
 b. Stock
 c. Correction of Risk
 d. Pricing Assets
 e. Diversifiable & Nondiversifiable Risk
19. General Equilibrium
20. Externalities
21. Public Goods
22. Asymmetric Information

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