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JSP is the latest Java Technology for web application development and JSP is based on the servlet technology. Whole servlets are great in many ways; they are generally reserved for programmers. JSP technology solves the anatomy of a JSP page, the relationship between servlets and JSP, and how the server processes a JSP page.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a Sun Microsystems specification for combining Java with HTML to provide dynamic content for web pages. When you create dynamic content, JSPs are more convenient to write than HTTP servlets because they allow you to embed JAVA code directly into your HTML pages, in contrast with HTTP servlets, in which you embed HTML inside JAVA code. JAVA is part of the JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

JSP enables you to separate the dynamic content of a web page from its presentation. JSP caters to two different types of developers
1. HTML developers, who are responsible for graphical design of a page.
2. Java Developers, Who handle the development of software to create dynamic content,.

JSPs is part of J2EE standard, we can deploy JSPs on variety of platforms.

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