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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of engineering, deals with principles of physics & material science for designing, manufacturing, analysis and maintenance of mechanical system. The study of mechanical engineering involves usages and production of mechanical power & heat for design, operation of machine and tools and production. To study mechanical engineering, some core concepts are essential to understand including kinematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, material science and structural analysis. These core concepts are used with tools like product lifecycle management to design plant, analyzing manufacturing; computer aided engineering, heating & cooling system, watercraft, aircraft, medical devices, industrial equipment, machinery etc.

The fundamental subjects under mechanical engineering :

1. Mechanics
2. Statics & Dynamics
3. Instrumentation & Measurement
4. Thermodynamics
5. Heat Transfer
6. Energy Conservation
7. Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Dynamics
8. Design of Mechanism(study of kinematics & dynamics)
9. Manufacturing Process
10. Hydraulic, Pneumatics
11. Control Theory
12. Material Engineering
13. Drafting, CAD & CAM
14. Engineering Design

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