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Linux is an operating system like Windows UNIX OS having some advance feature of security and networking:

1. Multitasking Operating System: Multiple users can access same machine in same time by separate user login authentication.
2. Multiplatform Operating System: It can be run in different CPUs, It support many platform.
3. Multithreading operating system: It can handle multiple independent threads in same processor.
4. Supports common file system i.e. minix, V file system, , Xenix etc
5. Crash Proof operating system
6. On Demand execution of program or consumption of disk space
7. Same memory can be used by multiple processors.
8. Compatible with POSIX, BSD and V at source level,
9. Open sources code, available free and user can update source code
10. It supports multiple virtual consoles.
11. Supports TCP/IP, FTP, NFs, Telnet
12. Supports Netware client and server

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