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Mathematics is very interesting subjects and used in numerous applications in computing, engineering, business and others. Part of Applied Mathematics deals with physics world, Biology World, Environmental Study, Computer Science World using mathematics application and concepts. The term applied mathematics denotes the mathematics techniques applied in non mathematics fields like medical fields, statistics, physics, biology, environmental study & research calculation, behavioral science, computer science and other fields.

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Applied Mathematics in Physics World Problem Solution ( Homework Help Assignment Help)

1. Kinematics :
 a. Motion in one dimension
 b. Galileo & Acceleration by gravity
 c. Constant Acceleration & Formula
 d. Graphs: Velocity v/s Time

2. Projectiles
 a. Horizontal & Vertical Motion Separation
 b. Velocity Components
 c. Maximum Range
 d. Trajectory Equation
 e. Envelop

3. Forces
 a. Newton’s Law
 b. Equilibrium
 c. Connected Particles
 d. Body Definition
 e. Force Identification

4. Resistance Forces
 a. AIR Resistance
 b. Terminal Velocity
 c. Friction: Static & Dynamic
 d. Rolling Motion

5. Resolving Forces
 a. Vector Addition
 b. Force Components
 c. Force Resolution, In Two Direction

6. Rigid Bodies
 a. Definition, Lever, Rigid Body in Equilibrium

7. Centre of Gravity
 a. Define using Symmetry
 b. Archimedes Calculation & Combining Shapes
 c. Hanging from fixed point & Stability

8. Momentum
 a. Conservation of Momentum
 b. Impulse
 c. Collision & Explosion
 d. Impact Duration
 e. Oblique Impact

9. Energy
 a. Kinetic Energy
 b. Potential Energy
 c. Mechanical Energy
 d. Work Power Energy Principle

10. Circular Motion
 a. Horizontal & Vertical Circle Motion
 b. Pendulum Problems

11. Gravitation & Planetary Motion
 a. Kepler’s First Law
 b. Kepler’s Second Law
 c. Kepler’s Third Law
 d. Copernican Model
 e. Newton’s Law of Gravitation

12. Vector
 a. Displacement Vector
 b. Addition of Vector
 c. Multiplication of Vector
 d. Position Vectors
 e. Vectors Applied for Force, Acceleration, Momentum, & Velocity
 f. Unit Vector

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