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In auditing, planning involves developing an overall plan for expected scope and conduct of audit and developing an audit program showing the nature, timing and extent of audit procedures. Planning is a continuous procedure and plans may have to be revised in the light of changes in circumstances, as the audit proceeds.

Thus plans should cover the following areas:
1. Acquiring knowledge of the client’s business, accounting system and related internal controls.
2. Establishing expected degree of reliance on the internal controls.
3. Determining the nature, timing and extent of audit procedure.
4. Coordinating the work to be performed.

Audit Programme
Set of audit procedures that should be performed in order to achieve the audit objectives.

Contents of audit programme

1. A review of the system of internal check.
2. Audit of balance sheet accounts
3. Audit of profit and loss account items
4. Verification of final accounts with documents, statements, registers etc.
5. Preparation of the audit report
6. Coordination of all the above mentioned items

Audit Techniques
Techniques of the auditing refer to specific art & skill used for obtaining the evidence required by the auditor.
1. Confirmation
2. Surprise Checks
3. Cut-Off Procedure
4. Inquiry
5. Observation
6. Analytical Review Procedure

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1. Audit Planning
2. Audit Techniques
3. Internal Controls
4. Company Auditor
5. Company Audit
6. Audit Report
7. E.D.P. Audit
8. Investigations
9. Cost Audit
10. Audit of public sector companies
11. Audit of bank
12. Audit of general insurance company
13. Tax Audit
14. Audit of members of stock exchange
15. Special aspects in auditing
16. Liabilities of auditors
17. Professional ethics
18. Management and operational audit
19. Audit & assurance standards

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