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Cost accountancy is a subject that provides knowledge to take effective and efficient decision for cost control, ascertainment of profitability and internal and external reporting. In the present era of cut throat competition, the need of study cost accountancy subject is growing fast.

Term cost accountancy: comprehensive term, it is used to describe the principles, conventions, techniques and system that are employed in a business to plan and control the utilization of its resources. “The application of costing, cost accounting principles, methods and techniques to the science, art and practice of cost control and ascertainment of profitability as well as presentation of information for the purpose of decision making.”

Cost Accounting: Cost accounting is a process of accounting for cost. This progress begins with recording of income and expenditure and ends with preparation of statistical data. It can be referred to as the formal mechanism by means of which cost of products or services are ascertained and controlled. Cost accounting has also been referred to as art of determining cost.

The primary objectives of cost accounting include:

Controlling cost
Stimulating cost consciousness
Ascertaining product unit cost and determining profit and loss for various products & services and inventory valuation.

Functional activities under cost accounting are

Cost book keeping
Cost control
Cost analysis
Cost comparison
Cost finding

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