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Capital Structure

The term capital structure refers to the relationship between the various long term forms of financing such as debenture, preference share capital and equity share capital. Financing the firm’s assets is a very crucial problem in every business and as a general rule, there should be a proper mix of debt and equity capital in financing the firm’s assets.

Estimation of capital requirements is necessary but the formation of a capital structure is important. According to Gerestenbeg, “capital structure of a company refers to the composition or makeup of its capitalization and it includes all long term capital resources viz. loans, reserves, shares and bonds.”

While capitalization is a quantitative aspect of the financial planning of an enterprise, capital structure is concerned with the qualitative aspect. Capital structure refers to the kinds of securities and the proportionate amounts that make up the capitalization.

Forms/Patterns of Capital Structure:

The capital structure of a new company may consist of any of the following forms –

1. Equity shares only
2. Equity and Preference shares
3. Equity shares and Debentures
4. Equity shares, Preference shares and Debentures
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Some of the topics covered under Capital structure:

1. Importance of Capital Structure
2. Financial Break even point
3. Optimal Capital Structure
4. Financial Risk and Optimal Capital Structure
5. Determine of Point of Indifference.
6. Planning of Capital Structure
7. Effects on EBIT and net income/ calculations
a. Only Equity
b. Equity & Preference
c. Equity & Debt
d. Equity & Preference and Debt
8. Bankruptcy and Agents Cost
9. Capital Gearing and Peck Order Theory
10. Factors determining Capital Structure
11. Projection of Earnings per share
12. Theories of capital structure
    a. Net Income theory 
    b. Net Operating Income theory 
    c. Traditional theory
    d. Modigliani – Miller theory

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